Sir Colin Davis

When my friend Gordan Nikolic asked me if I would like to work with the bandArt project I agreed with pleasure. Not only does this group of musicians strive to play to the highest standard but they have achieved a harmony between them which comes from great friendship and common musical ideals. I was delighted to be President of Honour and to be part of this project whose aims and philosophy of making music I share.

Sir Colin Davis, Conductor

Eduardo Mendoza

Those of us who have attended bandArt's concerts can testify to the qualities advocated by the leader and members of the ensemble : a sense of joie de vivre and creativity, a rejection of all conventions, an element of risk and consequently, a spontanaiety of emotion. For performers and listeners alike, every moment is unpredictable and unique.

All this would merely add charm and excellence were it not accompanied by something which Gordan Nikolic does not even mention because he considers it to be obvious: technical ability, rigorous interpretation and discipline. To listen to bandArt is quite simply to listen to a magnificent orchestra. The remainder  is a plus that enhances the musicality of the performance and the  depth of interpretation of the composer’s work.

Since quality is never obvious, however,and since Gordan Nikolic, a man of solid experience and with a long career as a soloist, teacher and leader, does not mention these aspects, preferring to emphasize the ensemble’s vitality, I am going state it and put it on record.

bandArt is an ensemble well worth listening to live. Because it sounds good and because it vibrantly transmits the sense of the music being alive. A sense that whenever we hear a work , no matter how familiar, it is as if the piece were being born in that precise moment. 

                                                                                      Eduardo Mendoza, Writer