Education programs

BandArt was founded at the Lucena Summer School for Young Musicians, and aims to contribute to the development of future professional musicians by giving them an opportunity to spend time with an orchestra, work with teaching instrumentalists and attend lessons from leading players.

Following its pedagogical vocation, many of BandArt’s members are well known teachers from music schools such as the ESMUC (Barcelona), Musikene, the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, the Guildhall School of Musica & Drama (London), the Rotterdam Academy for Classical Music, etc., and routinely collaborate with youth orchestras such as the National Youth Orchestra of Spain or the Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya (JONC).

Transcending the realm of music teaching, and in an attempt to encourage and motivate advanced studies and education in general, BandArt has instigated a collaboration with universities within the European Space for Higher Education which aims to create a common educational space in which to advance Europe’s global development.